About Me

I am a UX Designer with a background of 6 years in Speech-Language Pathology working with brain injury survivors. Throughout my life I wanted to help others and have been successful in doing so while being detail-oriented, organized, and passionate in what I do.

I have always had a creative side and appreciated art and design and what it brings to the world. On top of that, I imagined a career that would allow me to make difference in others' lives. Initially, I chose to pursue Speech-Language Pathology because it was a career that allowed me to connect with others, practice empathy, and impact lives on a personal level.

Partway through my career, I had a child which gave me an opportunity to rekindle my creative side. I realized I wanted a career that would allow me to exercise more creativity while continuing to help others. This is how I came across UX Design. I then initiated self-learning through watching YouTube videos, completing LinkedIn courses, and connecting with other UX Designers to learn as much as I could before changing careers. I soon discovered it was exactly what I had in mind, and more.

With my many years of experience in leveraging empathy to understand others’ perspectives and create constructive rehabilitation plans and experiences, I am confident in my ability to conduct thoughtful user research and produce impactful solutions. Additionally, my experience in working with individuals with brain injuries allows me to bring a different perspective on accessibility in technology. I am excited to grow in my career and to continue to set goals for myself.

My current goal is to be a UX Designer who advocates and specializes in accessibility and inclusivity.

Skills: Figma, InVision, Procreate, Webflow, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript (beginner), Visual Studio Code, GitHub, MS office, PowerPoint