A big reason why I wanted to go into UX Design was to exercise my creativity. Below are some of the illustrations I've done.

Papa's Razis

This was the latest illustration I completed just before starting the UX Design bootcamp. I drew this during my maternity leave and it was during this time I realized I needed to make a change in my career. I had so much joy drawing and colouring this picture because it was a compilation of the "ugly" candid photos my father-in-law took of us kids.

The Fam in Action

While hanging out with the fam, I had my iPad with me and decided I wanted to do a little sketch. I took a picture and my sister-in-law just so happened to be moving. I wanted to capture that feeling of movement in this piece and show the joy when hanging out with family.

My Sis is Married

I wanted to create this illustration as part of my sister and brother-in-law's wedding gift. They got married during COVID times and had an intimate ceremony and celebration. I wanted to capture the feeling of celebration while honouring my sister's favourite colour, green.

Ng Ng

This is an illustration of my grandparents on my dad's side. While I never really got to know my grandpa (yeh yeh), my grandma took great care of us while growing up. The title of this piece is called "Ng Ng" because that's what we called her. While she's not with us today, I will always appreciate all she's done for us.

Poh Poh

This is an illustration of my Poh Poh, someone who has also taken great care of us while growing up. Even to this day she is a stylish grandma, always looking her best.

Raptors Win

My husband is a huuugeeee fan of basketball and the Raptors. So, when they won the series in 2019 I knew I wanted to draw an illustration honouring that win.